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05.15.06 Eau de Play-Doh

Oh my. It just doesn’t get much more rejuvenile than this: Play-doh Cologne.
To mark the 50th birthday of every kid’s favorite “modeling compound,” Hasbro has released a limited-edition fragrance that captures the wheaty, salty, chemical-tinged essence of Play-Doh. Dab a bit on each wrist and you are “instantly transported back to childhood.” The pitch: ?Those fresh-from-the-can, full-of-potential childhood memories. Now in a convenient spray.?

?What better way to celebrate the 50th birthday than by bottling the scent for adults everywhere to enjoy as a reminder to their youth,? said a Play-Doh mucky-muck.

Ridiculous, of course. But also kind of awesome. After all, high-priced perfumes often advertise overtones of baby powder, bubblegum, marzipan, ice cream or even Band-Aids (exhibit A: Luctor et Emergo, a $165-a-bottle “cult fragrance” often compared to Play-Doh). Play-Doh cologne works the same magic without all the fancy-pants European pretense. And best of all: it’s just $19 a bottle.

News of Play-Doh cologne has prompted a hilarious conversation about the enduring appeal of Play-Doh on the Slashdot message boards; someone even unearthed the original patent application to reveal the closely-guarded recipe. Could it be that the secret appeal of the Play-Doh scent is borax?

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