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07.26.06 More media

The media juggernaut is slowing slightly these days, though still moving in fits and starts (with the occasional backfire). Thought I’d pass on a few recent and upcoming stories and such:
-‘m appearing on the teevee program ?Life & Times? tonight on KCET in Southern California at 6:30 pm (repeats at 1 am). Correspondent Saul Gonzalez and I wandered around L.A.‘s Griffith Park for one their signature uncut, verite-style interviews.
- had a funny conversation on Friday with Kai Ryssdal of NPR’s “Marketplace” about rejuveniles, play in the workplace and the color of my sneakers. Archived here.
-he wacky K.C. ad gang at the Brandshow devoted an hour to the topic for their weekly podcast. Streaming version online here.

??Jill Sarjent at Reuters wrote a nice feature on the book that went out on the wires Tuesday. Fingers crossed it gets the word out ?round the world?

??The book was cited on Monday in a funny, unusually thoughtful Minneapolis Star-Tribune story on weird games.

? The Austin Statesman interviewed me last week for a story on adult kickball. The daily in Ann Arbor, MI, took their turn at bat Monday.

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