Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon  

06.20.06 Publication day!

Rejuvenile arrives today in bookstores all over this fair land. I’m thrilled, relieved and more than a little astonished. It’s a real book! In actual stores!

First-week sales are a big deal in the publishing biz, so I’ll be forever grateful to those who pick up a copy soon. Help spark the rejuvenile movement! Support your local independent bookstore!

I’ll be in New York next week for the Today Show, NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” and Colbert (yikes!); there are also stories, interviews and reviews in the works for the Wall Street Journal, the Detroit Free Press and the Weekly Standard (expect a drubbing from the neocons). USA Today ran a story today on the cover of the Life section.

A wildly effusive thank you to all the friends, family and kindred spirits who’ve played a part so far. I have no idea how the book will be received, but for now I’m just happy the book is out and in the world.

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