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08.14.06 Rejuvenile on Weeds

imageShameless product placement tonight in the premiere of season two of the Showtime comedy Weeds ? look for a copy of Rejuvenile in an opening scene.

How, you might well ask, did a semiserious nonfiction book about the changing meaning of adulthood end up in a cult comedrama about a suburban widowed pot-dealing mom?

Chalk it up to Hollywood nepotism ? Weeds was created and is executive produced by my wife Jenji Kohan. Which also explains why I was the music supervisor on the first season (check out the soundtrack here) and appeared as a bear hunter in the pilot (I shot a real rifle! And spent some quality downtime with a brown bear named Misty!).

Notwithstanding all the personal connections, it’s an amazing show and is only getting better this season. Look for some fantastic plot twists, some great new music (including covers of the theme “Little Boxes” by Elvis Costello, Death Cab for Cutie and Regina Spektor) and at least three or four more appearances of that familiar yellow book. Here’s hoping some of the Weeds faithful join the ranks of the rejuvenile!

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Christopher, the juvenilization you describe is a just the cultural tip of an evolutionary iceberg. Humans are infant apes able to reproduce. Juvenilization is our heritage. This evolutionary strategy is called “neoteny”. Interesting commentary can be found here:

best regards, Heresiarch

Posted by Heresiarch on 08/15 at 01:13 PM

Thanks for the comment Heresiarch. I did a little research on neoteny while wroking on the book—my favorite popular treatment is in Ashley Montagu’s “Growing Young.”  Fascinating and deeply revealing stuff. You’re right; process can be read as biological/anthropomophic basis for some dismiss as a mere fad…

Posted by christopher Noxon on 08/15 at 04:52 PM

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