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09.13.06 Rejuvenile Party People

A vivid example of the rejuvenile meme in its most exhibitionist form: Party Scammers Productions is a L.A. party production crew that’s making a stir in LA hipster circles hosting exaggerated, kitschy kiddie events.

The most blatant of which was undoubtedly ?Your Eight Year Old Birthday Party? in which guests crammed the baroque Sunset Boulveard mariachi club El Cid to relive their own childhood nuptials surrounded by balloons, streamers, punch bowls and activities like Cage Match Thumb Wrestling, the Robot Jumper and the Pinata Gauntlet.

Party Scammers also jumped on the rock paper scissor bandwagon last year with a RPS Rumble and hosted a geek-fest extrordinaire known as Clash of the TETRIS in which guests played an all-night Tetris tournament accompanied by live bands and screaming onlookers.

The avant-nerds behind Party Scammers have also produced a few rejuvenile video shorts. Check out Gerald the Birthday Boy if you think you might get a chuckle out of watching a lumbering twentysomething dressed in baby clothes spaz out in a toy shop. Another video showcases their talents at getting dressed up in wild thrift store getups and tossing milkshakes in the faces of strangers (accomplices?).

I’ve yet to attend a Party Scammer event, but I’m eager to see these folks live in person. Seems to me like just the sort of ironic kitsch-fest that has a way of becoming a part of a normal everyday adult routine over the long haul. Remember Kurt Vonnegut’s sage advice in Mother Night: be careful what you pretend to be?

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