Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon  

Selections from Christopher Noxon's appearances on NBC's Today Show, CNN's In the Money, PBS's Life & Times, ABC's Good Morning America and Comedy Central's Colbert Report.

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Hour-long NPR Talk of the Nation discussion of rejuveniles, grups and harrumphing codgers.

Interview with host Kai Ryssdal of NPR show "Marketplace" about "how American adults nowadays are living in ways once thought to be strictly for the younger set."

In-depth WHYY program "Radio Times" interview about book, including questions from callers and discussion of history, parenting and business.

Live, 10-minute interview broadcast on St. Louis station KMOX on all things rejuvenile.
(scroll halfway down page to "Mark Reardon (06/29/06): Christopher Noxon")

Half hour long interview on KPCC program "Air Talk" on central ideas of book, including questions from callers on everything from why LA is such a rejuvenile haven to how skateboarding can improve bone density in old age (Scroll down to "Being a Kid Again" -- requires Real Player).


USA Today story on the book and the larger rejuvenile phenomenon.

Globe and Mail feature on rejuveniles and the larger ramifications. Includes nice snapshots of Canadian Disney lovers, ad campaigns and kidcentric artists.

CBC news feature on rejuveniles, focusing mostly on adult lovers of Harry Potter.

Detroit Free Press feature on the book and Detroit-area kickballers, toy collectors and professionals embracing role of play in innovation.

Critical essay in the political newsletter Counterpunch that concludes rejuvenile impulse is "all about greed."