Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon  
Gwendolyn: 30, Sierra Madre, CA


Favorite childhood toy?

Coloring book

Favorite childhood game?


Favorite childhood candy/cereal/treat?

I really liked Honey Combs cereal… and Bit O’ Honey candy… Also, Abbazabba.

What of your interests, preferences, obsessions (movies, TV, toys, food, clothing, etc.) might be considered childlike or childish? Why do you love this stuff?

Recently, I began writing songs for children and performing them with my friends in a band for kids called Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang. Rocking out for tots wearing knee socks and pig tails. People are always surprised to dicover I don’t yet have kids of my own.

I love it because it makes me tap into the pure innoncence of my soul. That’s the God’s honest truth. That, and it makes me happy to encourage young children to be musical.

I’ve always enjoyed films targeted toward young audiences. I feel the lighter themes improve my immune system. Favorites include The Rescuers, The Secret of Nymn, and The Dark Crystal. I’ve never been a fan of horror movies. Other interests include lying on the grass and looking up at the sky through the trees, eating pancakes with my fingers, making arts and crafts. I like skipping, too.

Did you have these interests as a kid? Were they developed as an adult, were they denied to you as a kid?

I’ve just always done whatever makes me feel happy. I’ve enjoyed participating in theatre, film, music and storytelling. I’ve always been big on putting on “productions”... They began in my back yard and have slowly enlarged through the years.

Ever feel any stigma from colleagues/parents/friends about childlike tastes or mindsets?

I don’t know if working in arts could be considered “childish,” but folks may not consider it a “real job” until you’ve managed to get a break.

The fact that I’m an artist that has a “side project” for kids is an interesting thing for some people to wrap their heads around. They may not understand why if I am successful at one that I would bother doing the other. And that’s sad. If anyone in this world needs art - it’s the new generation rising up!

Are you a grown-up? If so, when did you become one? If not, when will you become one?

I will probably feel like a grown up when I become a parent… but I can’t be sure. Perhaps it will just heighten my fascination with being young at heart!