Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon  
Mike: Phillipsburg, NJ


Favorite childhood toy?

Legos. And my Star Wars toys, of course…

Favorite childhood game?

Riding my bike / bike tag

Favorite childhood candy/cereal/treat?

Marathon bar / Peanut Butter Tandy Cake

What of your interests, preferences, obsessions (movies, TV, toys, food, clothing, etc.) might be considered childlike or childish? Why do you love this stuff?

Enjoy outlandish movies, sci-fi / fantasy / adventure, etc…  Love playing football with my son and his friends, physical stuff, tag on the playground, video games.

Did you have these interests as a kid? Were they developed as an adult, were they denied to you as a kid?

The physical play part was mostly either denied, or just not afforded to me as I had no self esteem at all and was pretty intimidated by other kids.  I wasn’t ‘cool.’  So I’m making up for lost time!  Other than that, I have a wild imagination and a strong desire for free thinking, fantasy, and play.  What we call ‘childish’ is a very vital component to who we are I think.  If we all retained that ‘childlike’ essense, I’m sure the world would be a better place.

Ever feel any stigma from colleagues/parents/friends about childlike tastes or mindsets?

Yes!  We’ll keep it at that ;)

Are you a grown-up? If so, when did you become one? If not, when will you become one?

If a grown-up is classified as one who takes on and maintins his/her responsibilities, then yes, I am one. 

If a grown-up is classified as one who is closed-minded, bound to the social status quo that maintains he/she should dress this way, think that way, only do ‘this’, don’t to ‘that,’ then no I’m not.