Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon  
Robert: Boulder, CO


Favorite childhood toy?

A motorized electric car that my grandfather had at his house.

Favorite childhood game?


Favorite childhood candy/cereal/treat?

Marathon Bar, Captain Crunch

What of your interests, preferences, obsessions (movies, TV, toys, food, clothing, etc.) might be considered childlike or childish? Why do you love this stuff?

Scooters, sneakers, t-shirts, chickens, go-carting, muppets,video games, vintage bicycles. I love this stuff because of the inherent beauty and mindless intentionless fun.

Did you have these interests as a kid? Were they developed as an adult, were they denied to you as a kid?

Some of them, many of them denied due to financial constraints (I was the eldest of 7)

Ever feel any stigma from colleagues/parents/friends about childlike tastes or mindsets?

Not really. Fortunately for me my best friend is really into this kind of thing as well, so that makes it easier. Also I am in a profession where this type of thing is sort of expected.

Are you a grown-up? If so, when did you become one? If not, when will you become one?

I am a grown up. I became a grown up when I began to brush the roof of my mouth and tongue during my toothbrushing regimen.